Stay away from the repulsive forces of the universe

Impractical! Is it not the first word that comes to your mind when you read the title? How can one even avoid the forces of nature or the universe, when we are also a part of it? In part, it stands true. We cannot avoid the existence of the universe, but can we say the same for people?

In a universe that is ever expanding or contracting, we tend to believe in the idea of eternity (you can read more about it on “the idea of god“). The belief that the universe has existed forever and will exist in the future too. The same goes for our world and the people around us. We believe in the idea of eternal truths, and find comfort in the thought that the story of our journey shall be remembered forever. That is to say, we might grow old and die, but since the universe is eternal and unchanging, our stories shall survive. Unfortunately, the belief stands false.

We are conditioned to believe that the forces of nature around us are in equilibrium, and anything or everything around us happens for a reason. The people around us become our world and life becomes our little universe. We spend our time appeasing others, while we bond with a few, others show dissent. Yet we find a way to nullify that repulsion and make peace with that person.

It is like stars. If they get near to each other, the forces of attraction try to bond them together. Similarly, if we come closer to someone, physically and emotionally, it strengthens us. If we distance ourselves from someone, the repulsive forces would dominate and drive us further apart. However, the number of stars (or people) are definite, and their distribution unequal. If the law of attraction exists, then the law of repulsion must exist too, but their presence need not be balanced.

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Just like the stars, our life is definite. It ignites with a spark and it ends by fading away in the darkness. In this definite called life, why spend time nurturing the repulsive forces? Why feed into people who have pushed themselves away from us or have caused us to be pushed away?

Life is too short to be nurturing the repulsive forces. It is too short to be harbouring people who bring nothing but negativity to our life. It should be spent in strengthening the bond that exists. If someone has caused you grief or harm, spend no time in feeding into that bond for it is bound to drift away- repulse. Nurture bonds that matter i.e. focus on ones who were and are present for you.

You need not be there with everyone. There is a difference between a social and a friend circle, understand it.

A star might have no choice, but you have. After all, you can listen to the messages of the universe!

by boringbug

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2 responses to “Stay away from the repulsive forces of the universe”

  1. We certainly don’t need to entertain people we don’t resonate with… it’s about free choice. 😊

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    1. I so agree with you. It is always best to keep your circle positive, and care for your emotional well being.

      Yet, I wonder why people run after the negatives? Human emotions can be so frickle at times.

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