The Idea Of God

God is neither a male nor female and can easily be called a mother as a father. Although we are still very much involved in patriarchal structures, we are swiftly moving into an era where the masculine and feminine, the patriarchal and the matriarchal, will come together in harmony. One of the aspects can be reflected from my previous post “God’s words of wisdom- choose judiciously“. This, however, requires an insight into the idea of a god.

God is an irresistible might which is always right. An irresistible power which has the right to rule and command those who cannot resist. The right to do anything whatsoever is an essential and direct attribute of the omnipotence called god. The ideology is that individuals cannot always act rightly and are attributable to committing injustice, hence, they remain accountable to god. This raises concerns about the attributes of a just world. 

In an unjust world, the identity of god as an irresistibly powerful being can only be portrayed as a social necessity. Every religion identifies god’s power as infinite. It has its existence from its own power and does not derive its power from anything else. Therewith it exists from eternity and for eternity, it must, therefore, be eternal or infinite. Since there was nothing which gave god existence, hence there also will be nothing which will make it not exist. 

The idea constitutes of an infinite substance wherein everything existing is a mode, thereto, if there were any other substances but god, it would have to be explicated through some attribute of god, simultaneously creating two or more substances with the same attribute, which is absurd. Thus, there can be no substance external to god. Therefore, “whatever is, is in god, and nothing can be conceived without god. God, an infinite substance, of which each of us is a mode, acts solely from the laws of its own nature, constrained by none“. The power with which god acts is infinite, and as a mode of god we, therefore, act, by nature, with the power of god. Each thing acting in accordance with the laws of nature. A further thought can be reflected from my post “Is God an embodiment of nature?

God’s power, however, delimits an individual’s power, making it the only entity whose might always makes right. Therefore there is a quantitative limit to the natural rights with which an individual can act.

Thus, however it persists, there can be no difference between fools, madmen, the sane, and those endowed with reason, since whatever an individual does by the laws of its own nature, it does so with the sovereign right, within the ambit of god. Problems arise only when we interpret god’s will and individual’s action as separable events. Within (and technically without) the context of a natural state, any action taken by an individual is to be understood as right insofar as that action coheres with god’s will. When in the natural condition an individual cannot violate god’s will vis a vis every action undertaken by an individual in nature occurs by god’s will.

But, to say that an individual can commit injustice in nature is tantamount to saying god can violate his own will, which is a self-defeating statement. An individual will act in such a way that he considers to be conducive to his preservation and in doing so he is acting by nature, which justifies the use of any means necessary to preserve himself. But god does no wrong, it cannot wrong, so how can an individual be wrong? 

Then where does it lead to? If god’s will is inseparable to an individual’s act, then is god’s identity through an individual himself? If god and nature are inseparable, then is nature an embodiment of god itself? Or is the God a limitless being within whom lies the characteristics of nature and its parts thereof?

 Maybe, god is merely a being invented out of sheer human necessity.

by boringbug

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15 responses to “The Idea Of God”

  1. I like your take on God, But I have always found that the more we delve into this subject, the more we or at least I tend to get confused. There are some answers to my questions, but then there are always questions to which I get no answers.
    And also there will be definitely people who will run after you with their beliefs sticking on you, when it comes to the subject of God and religion. So as of now I have no solution to my unending questions about god and religion, and as always I leave the subject just as you have, with a question, the answer to which we may or may not find.

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    1. I just learned it the hard way. It happens to be a subject that surprisingly evokes staunch emotions in people. Although, the moment we consider a particular possibility as absolute, we fail to register our growth in that subject.

      Probably, the day we have no questions would be the day we stand on the wrong end of the boat. That very day science will fail.

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  2. Train Journals

    I find this entire thread interesting.. I am definitely not an authority on religion or history but I believe everyone has a right to express his, /her opinions and practice what they believe in as long as it does not hurt or offend others.

    You may choose to not agree with boringbug’s views but currently it seems going against ‘harmony & peace’.

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    1. Thank you for your kind support. Your thoughts appeared to be the guiding light in the darkest of hour.
      It is indeed difficult for people to hear out dissenting opinion, despite exercising their own fundamental right under freedom of expression. But it was indeed a good discussion, with all the “Harmony & Peace” around. 😅


  3. “God is neither a male nor female” HOW DO YOU KNOW? ARE YOU NEW SELF APPOINTED GOD MAN?
    First you must define which god you are talking about? Hindu god, Muslim god, Christian God, Theist god, Deiest god, Agnostic’s God ?

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    1. It’s just a matter of belief. God transcends genders. Name one religion where it does not?
      I’ll gladly give references from their texts. :)

      And no, I am no God man. Agnostics don’t have specific god to approach for, atheists don’t believe in any and believers have their own principles.

      Hope you have had a good day.


    2. No, I don,’t. Your post makes me pissed off. It is shear ignorance. In Hinduism gods are males and also there are goddess who are females. Talk about a particular religion and give reference from the same religion. that will makes more sense. Talking in air will not serve any purpose. Agnostic do believe that god may exist right. But they will not be sure whether god is male or female. Looking at world, God must be a male. So in that case you will be wrong if you talk in general. Please talk for your particular religion. :)

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    3. That would be the easiest. Hinduism has “Geeta” and other scriptures where it mentions that the god and universe is one. It transcends everything. The male that you are talking about are mere incarnations of the deity.
      Example Shiva. I’ll recommend that you venture into it a bit further. And the gods aren’t merely males in it. Goddess Kali, Laxmi, Parvati etc :)

      Unless you are referring to the practice of addressing them as a male. The language doesn’t connote a gender.

      Islam, Allah transcends the mere mortals and genders.
      And no, I wasn’t being ignorant. How about we shed our veil of belief and try to have a factual conversation.

      No offense meant. :)

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    4. It will be great to have factual conversation. Islam does not say whether God is male or female, it says Muslims do not know about it. Who is Gnesh male or female?

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    5. Ganesh one of the son of God Shiva. Shiva whereas is a complete existence in itself. It is never denoted as a mere male.
      There are five eternal entities.. Jiva – the creatures, Ishwar- the deities which include indra, brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and all. Maya- the only non living entity which controls time and our actions. Brahman (Akshar/chidakash/satchitanand) the cause of creation of infinite universes. Parabrahman/Purna-purushottam/Adi Vishnu : the one who transcends all and even Akshar. Although Akshar is the highest entity, Purna Purushottam is the one who transcends Akshar.

      In Islam, humans cannot perceive Allah in any material form because it transcends what is human. With reference to the versions of Quran, Prophets are representative, while Allah can never be addressed in gender specific manner. :)

      In Christianity, Jesus was the son of God, not God himself. Although, he is contemplated as God in human form. So the versions and interpretation further vary. :)

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    6. Please refer Mundaka Upnishad, Taitariya Upnishad, Brahmasutras. Chapter 2, 6, 8 and 10 Bhagwad Gita. This might give a further insight. :)

      Also, I am a non-believer. 😂


    7. I do not like when people generalise any thing too much. Believer or non-believer is different thing. I care about truth. There is no point in talking hypothetically

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    8. Hypothetically?
      In scholarly terms, how about you try reading Spinoza’s work. Also, if a narrative doesn’t suit your school of thought, it’s still alright.
      Am sure your or anybody’s school of thought isn’t weak enough to be pissed off at a mere reflection of somebody’s ideologies.
      Would you be gracious enough to define your idea of truth? :)

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    9. You can say “i believe so and so based on such evidence” Without evidence or any demonstration everything is mare preaching. To learn truth, first you have to leave aside your pre-conceived truth. Then we can try to search truth. I do not believe any one knows full truth about universe. Apologies for using harsh words in my earlier comments.

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    10. Oh I agree with you here. There is no definite truth.
      Thank you for being gracious enough to comment your thoughts. :)

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