A Real Man

“Well let me take you in on a secret,” said the Fool. “You think people are fed up with a guy like that ‘Freak’ who is the epitome of hopelessness. It’s exactly the opposite. People are utterly taken with his careless, slovenly yet genuine ways. So am I !”


This "blog" is about me, my writing, my family and life. Or whatever else I want it to be.

Aesthetic Miradh

Cogito Ergo Sum. ["I think Therefore I am"]

A little bit of everything

Everything you will ever need, all in one place.


The story must be shared.

Life by the Pages

Doing life through a Christian world view, one day at a time.


An introverted, bug-eyed girl's take on everything

Black And White

colors of life


Opinion pieces and social commentaries to challenge your perceptions.

Her mourning coffee

heart ripped out via the throat