Artwork- Why terrorism should be condemned?

Title: Mahatma Tag: Non- Violence Form: Sketch Category: Political  Tool: 0.2 and 0.8 Micro-Black Point Pen Date: 15.11.2015 Purpose: To condemn the act(s) of terrorism worldwide, whether individual, private or state sponsored. The author does not believe in the concept religious terrorism but understands the fact that half of the act(s) of terrorism have had their inspirations from private teachings. TheContinue reading “Artwork- Why terrorism should be condemned?”

Artwork: A Mother’s Womb

Title: A Mother’s Womb Form: Sketch Tool: 0.5 Bue Ball Point Pen Date: 21.01.2015 The Purpose of Sketch: The artist was inspired by the idea of mother nature and its children. In order to create something unique, he followed with the expression “the tree of knowledge giving shelter to its seekers”. The same can beContinue reading “Artwork: A Mother’s Womb”

Artwork: The Figure

Title: The Figure Form: Sketch Tool: 0.5 Bue Ball Point Pen Date: 21.04.2014 The Purpose of Sketch: The artist found some words gibbered in one of his notes. Taking cue from the stray lines and the spilled ink, sitting in middle of a political science lecture, the artist decided to make something out of it. He started withContinue reading “Artwork: The Figure”