Durga Puja, Autumn and Many Emotions

As “Xarodi raani tumar henu naam…” (I heard…you are the queen of Autumn- a Song by Bhupen Hazarika) plays through my earphone, my mind slowly drifts back to the days of Durga Puja spent in Nagaon, my hometown in Assam. The ‘Xewali‘ (night Jasmine) must be swaying in the breeze by now, the mystic ‘dhak‘…

The art of doing nothing – a sociological perspective

If there is a hill or a tree nearby you, right now, ask yourself this question:  is it doing nothing? Even if it is an inanimate object that is around you, ask yourself, is that doing nothing? I know, it is an absurd observation to make, why think about something that does not move, does…

The secrets of Ladakh

Ladakh still holds some secrets which locals will tell you if you care to spend time with them

Extroverts With Social Anxiety: A Rare Sighting?

Social anxiety occurs when a person experiences anxiety symptoms in social situations or large groups. It is commonly considered to be an issue for people who are more introverted by nature. An introverted person may be someone who prefers to be alone and stay away from groups. An extrovert is seen as someone who enjoys being around…

I Am Locked Down In London

If I am honest, I never really understood why he was excited or why I was excited for that matter. Is it because, the character and I have never been to London before or because we both were seeing so many things that we thought we’d never see in our lives by being ourselves? Back then, I just assumed it to be the latter. In retrospect I now realise, I wanted it to be the latter.


This post is very close to me. After hearing/reading about the on going rape incidents I, as a women, as a daughter and as a mother feel so terrified to even step out. The irony is, we are left to be caged and the monsters are left out to hunt.
The society we live in, leaves us helpless.