The Gods’ Work to Abandoned Son is an autobiography of a Filipino National who graduated in College by his will and faith in God. It is about a man’s life and ambition, his mother died when he was nine years old, his father harmed him, his half-brother tortured him during his childhood, and he was abandoned.

The story span of four chapters in chronological order, describing his childhood and adulthood life, his mysterious journey of life from nothing into something, a parallel journey that from learning at school and putting his faith on to God that turns his dreams into reality.

He became a street child, he was an alcohol heavy drinker, he became a victim of police brutality, and his life was almost taken twice by the bad youthful during his adulthood days.

Throughout his journey, he refers the real world of being a street child as dangerous; there are a lot of persons of the street with different characters that can harm you. He deals with them in any kind of matter whatever has caused and overcome them that lead him to a successful life.… Read More Foreword

The battle of thoughts: right against the wrong ones – by Crucio Girl

I am at a constant war with myself, but this was different. As I looked at it… «No, Crucio, don’t do it. It’s wrong, and you know that. » «Why shouldn’t I? It’s not that bad.» replied my subconscious. «Don’t dare to do this. Think of the consequences!» «Nothing special will happen.» «Listen, life is… Read More The battle of thoughts: right against the wrong ones – by Crucio Girl