US Movie Explained – A Saga of Tunnels and Scissors

It was a weird day. We reached the movie theatre hoping for a movie which would thrill us, and delighted we were. For there were posters of the movie “Us”. Marked as an adult horror, and directed by Jordan Peele, renown for his work in ” Get Out “. Little did we know that weContinue reading “US Movie Explained – A Saga of Tunnels and Scissors”

Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review

Cut me and I’ll bleed chocolate. I am an outright chocolate fan and a self-proclaimed expert with an exquisite taste. No matter how broke I am, I cannot desist from trying out new chocolates. This happens so frequently, that at times I end up only having chocolates for dinner. This time around, returning from workContinue reading “Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review”

The Controversy Surrounding The Beauty and The Beast Movie

The Disney film studio has been known for its children oriented movies. That is inclusive of its ability to cloak childhood fairy tales within the conundrum of adult action. Easily perceived with its latest live-action remake of “the Beauty and the Beast”. A movie and story that actually tests the patience of its makers andContinue reading “The Controversy Surrounding The Beauty and The Beast Movie”