What makes people successful?

What makes people successful? Is it their profession, is their work ethic or is it their dedication towards a profession?

How to be Irresistibly Attractive?

What does it mean by being irresistibly attractive? Is it another millennium version of a critical dating game? Is it another edition of a mascara magazine? Or is it a ‘how to be a successful person in 21st-century’ style?

Highlight your contributions when nobody else does

We all have been in a position where despite all our efforts we fail to receive appreciation. Instead of bringing out our contribution to the fore we strive towards extra efforts only to see them fail. It is no fun to toil away at a place where we are taken for granted. Let alone sitContinue reading “Highlight your contributions when nobody else does”

How to make the most out of Pooping?

There are times when no matter what, how often I go over something, I just can’t seem to come up with an answer. The nervous sense of being stuck at a place where the road forks linger at the back of my mind. The more I think creatively, the more elusive the solution becomes. Then IContinue reading “How to make the most out of Pooping?”

What is Self Doubt? How to overcome it?

There are times when a person is full of doubt. Unable to fathom the sown seeds, the person starts to hesitate, fear, and fails to reflect upon his thought processes. He starts worrying beyond apprehensions. It starts affecting his daily life and takes a toll on his social and professional performances. The person slowly witnesses himselfContinue reading “What is Self Doubt? How to overcome it?”