It is okay to not be okay

There are times when we are faced with a dilemma. A choice in which we have no say of ours. Such is this pandemic and the lockdown that was enforced on us for the greater good. Resultantly causing mass panic and widespread fear. As we proceeded with the first month of living indoors, I observedContinue reading “It is okay to not be okay”

Some words are better kept secret

There are some words inside of me, folded in a corner, unknown to others. Keen observation and perception seeing through the gauge of confidence as I see you passing by through the waves of my memories. It isn’t easy, is it? To keep the words to yourself, the joys of emotions and success, the claustrophobicContinue reading “Some words are better kept secret”

Light of the day

In the light of the day, in the chirping wind, the dark alleys glow in the warmth of a firefly Noble souls surround me laden in bed, surrounded by dreams of heaven; I reckon, the day it may not the light may still be, for stood surrounded we were in the dancing hallways; as melodyContinue reading “Light of the day”

Looking back at the boy

I stood at the metro station. Dressed in formals, the attire of a corporate prison, with a group of people gathered outside. They were always there, irrespective of the time and day. A regular routine. Court to office, office to home. I barely remember when was the last time I paused to take a lookContinue reading “Looking back at the boy”

The Rotten Hope

Driving through my texts, I noticed some forgotten thoughts. Rotting in pages. Probably left alone in conscience. Letters melting before, crumbling like a gigantic mountain that had seen zenith but couldn’t resist it’s urge for more. The ideas, the creativity, and vision, seemingly trapped within a clobberstone. Waiting to be grated, to fret upon. ButContinue reading “The Rotten Hope”

Endless Road

Lost in the journey of endless roads A companion to ease and to be with me Is all I need Above the wide sky, Beneath my breath I wish and not wish these endless roads to end Reigning like kings with cuts of swords Eyes speaking loud million of words I now wish to beContinue reading “Endless Road”

I Am Lost In A Metropolitan

As I look around the city, I see abysmal faces. Souls running after nothingness. There are skyscrapers all around, shadowing the sun, the trees, and human desires. The corporate ladders are leading downwards in a spiral while the young minds visibly irate seem lost within. It’s a sorry state of affairs, this metropolitan. A jungleContinue reading “I Am Lost In A Metropolitan”

Stop drowning yourself in self pity

In this metropolitan city, where technological advancement has made life easier than before, there are a considerable number of people drowning in self pity. Those who are often complaining about their underlying failure or lack of access to opportunity. Constantly blaming the poor stars under which they were born. I was the same. Each dayContinue reading “Stop drowning yourself in self pity”