The Perpetual Traveller

This is an interesting aspect to discover new places. Probably the excitement of something anew. A sense to lose oneself in a world imbibed with magic and mysticism. To lose oneself only to re-discover. The above emotion is what journeyed me throughout the country the last few years. Such is the extent that the thoughts of traveling engages me even during procrastination. I wonder, how … Continue reading The Perpetual Traveller

The Diary of a Loner Continued

Five years back I wrote a piece of heart, from my diary of a loner. Therein, I tried explaining “who is a loner?” Specifically, a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’t associate with other people. It interestingly gathered some attention in the world of blogging. I realised that people assumed the idea of a loner with the idea of someone … Continue reading The Diary of a Loner Continued

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things

Life has its way of serving experiences on a platter. Irrespective of our want, it can be sweet or sour, but it comes with its own set of servings (read learnings). These servings might include revelations or success, each introducing us to groundbreaking realities. Success for instance would give you wings, revelations meanwhile would clip off those wings and bring us back to the ground. … Continue reading Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things