About Boringbug

Hello Reader, 

Thank you for chancing upon boringbug. Hope your journey along is as blissful as mine has been. 

  • Who am I?

I am a mere paperback in the world of Kindle and an apparent incunabula that breathe of books. Although a blogger by accident, I juggle my personal and professional vanities with the ambition of achieving tranquility.

  • What do I write ABOUT?

Good question! Taking a cue from the camaraderie between the contemporary influxes, I try to write whenever it becomes possible. At times when travelling or while stranded at an airport and while listening to the mind-boggling speeches of the un-inspiring politicians. The thoughts are penned down in a diary and a part of the same is converted into this blog to be presented before you. 

In furtherance of the same, I try to cover a range of categories and issues. Primarily, it has to do with the general masses. Although a weekly blog, usually post on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  • What purpose does it SERVE?

It has been ongoing for a while, and I aim to learn, interact and reciprocate the same with you to the best of my ability and conscience.

If you prefer candidness and honesty, this site is for you. I hope we’ll get along, just like words and wisdom do.


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