About The Boring bug

There are some questions of mine, unsaid and unheard of, one fine day they too shall be asked.


The world is enchanted with the whims and fancies of portrayal. Despite the magnitude of understanding between people, majority are labelled on the basis of their characteristics. Some are termed as funny and some an introvert. While the world happens to be a funny place, there are a few that enjoy being labelled as “boring”.

Born and brought up in a reclusive desert, my earliest of experiences consist of being surrounded by books. While my generation wandered into fairy tales, I was influenced by caricatures and habitual reading under the moonlight. In fact, it is only through the lens of the Indian heritage that I was able to appreciate and accept global diversity at a young age. Therewith, the penchant to outgrow the label ‘boring’ brought me into the world of blogging. Hence resulting in “The Boringbug”.

I hope to get along with you, just like words and wisdom do.

You can find me on the following networking sites:

The blogs are updated on weekly basis. If you aim to contact or collaborate, you may drop an e-mail at pakaobug@gmail.com

Enough about me, let’s talk about you…


2 responses to “About The Boring bug”

  1. So this is all about your goals… Thanks for having you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. You are way too kind with your words. I am glad to have interacted with you.


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