Book Review: Japan- History of Japan by Rui Kanda

Japan: History of Japan: The Most Important People, Places and Events in Japanese History. From Japanese Art to Modern Manga. From Asian Wars to Modern Superpower. by Rui Kanda My rating: 2 of 5 stars Every nation, state or territory has a history to it. An empire is not built in a day, nor is a nation. Their development transcludes from stories of regional and cultural conquests. However, what transpired in modern fables are the stories of the survivor or the transcripts that survived inter alia survival and rise from the ashes. This is what comprises the theme of the … Continue reading Book Review: Japan- History of Japan by Rui Kanda

Book Review: Conspiracies by Alex Monaldo

Conspiracies: Conspiracy Theories – The Most Famous Conspiracies Including: The New World Order, False Flags, Government Cover-Ups, CIA, & FBI by Alex Monaldo My rating: 3 of 5 stars We as a human race tend to dwell on the prospect of conspiracy. The theories are fuelled by rumours or the staging facts which either turn be true, or at times fizzle as a mere rumour. Taking a cue upon the people’s interest, the author brings us one of the most prevalent conspiracy theories from around the world. However are they really what they seem to be? The book can be … Continue reading Book Review: Conspiracies by Alex Monaldo