Be The Inspiration You Want To Be

We live in a society that imbibes talent based culture but ignores the importance of motivation. The very ability to inspire someone to perform a task. The ability to empower the pursuit of a career. Something that requires immense strength and dedication. Rather, this is what I believed it to be before I cumulatively interactedContinue reading “Be The Inspiration You Want To Be”

Inertia in entertainment: Aren’t we outsourcing it?

Entertainment, or being engaged is essentially the primary substance of existence. You can strip away everything but the need to be engaged does not go away.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence

As humans, we all succumb to the act of aggression at some point in life. The said aggression might be the cause of a provocation, an act of defense, a reaction, or an inbound frustration (dissatisfaction). Yet, despite knowing that violence is the extreme form of anxiety we tend to bring forth our worst. DepreciatingContinue reading “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence”

It was not the river that chose to flow through the cities!

I flicked through the stream of water as it jittered down the path. The surrounding green plush, the serenity, and the solitude. Heaven on earth or that’s what I thought it to be. Despite the chirping birds and the deer on the lookout crossing my path, the area was surprisingly empty and calm. Probably thisContinue reading “It was not the river that chose to flow through the cities!”