Build yourself up, again!

Is it not a perfect day to wake up? Gloomy, rainy, oblivious to the troubles of mankind. As you stare out of the window, in the street, people can be seen running off to take shelter, while a postman continues with his job unperturbed. Is it his requirement or his dedication that makes him continue…… Continue reading Build yourself up, again!

Stay away from the repulsive forces of the universe

Impractical! Is it not the first word that comes to your mind when you read the title? How can one even avoid the forces of nature or the universe, when we are also a part of it? In part, it stands true. We cannot avoid the existence of the universe, but can we say the…… Continue reading Stay away from the repulsive forces of the universe

The art of doing nothing – a sociological perspective

If there is a hill or a tree nearby you, right now, ask yourself this question:  is it doing nothing? Even if it is an inanimate object that is around you, ask yourself, is that doing nothing? I know, it is an absurd observation to make, why think about something that does not move, does…… Continue reading The art of doing nothing – a sociological perspective

You need not fight like a lion

Once upon a time, in a pre-covid world, a guy participated in a stage play with a drama group. The participation consisted of hours of training, dedication, and hard work. On the day of the performance, without prior notice, the organizers shifted the venue to an unkempt activity center. Hurt and dejected, the group members decided…… Continue reading You need not fight like a lion

I Am Locked Down In London

If I am honest, I never really understood why he was excited or why I was excited for that matter. Is it because, the character and I have never been to London before or because we both were seeing so many things that we thought we’d never see in our lives by being ourselves? Back then, I just assumed it to be the latter. In retrospect I now realise, I wanted it to be the latter.

A Touch Of Darkness

It isn’t always that I post about demons or negativity. In fact, my write-ups barely consist of a tone of darkness. Neither do I post or write to cater to any specific set of audience, nor do I intend to please a set of belief. It is a constant battle to challenge my innate thoughts,…… Continue reading A Touch Of Darkness