Listen to the messages of the Universe

Never underestimate the power of the Universe. It is constantly talking to us and sending us messages. The question is “are we paying attention and listening to the messages?”

Is God an embodiment of Nature?

Many people in the early modern period were upholding what had become a tradition of using classical thought as a vehicle for evaluating religious phenomenon (theology). If it hadn’t been for certain scholars, then the idea of materialistic god would have lost its way. This ideology attributes a god to a being of ‘motion and rest’ whichContinue reading “Is God an embodiment of Nature?”

What are the laws of nature? How does Thomas Hobbes impact Spinoza?

Herein below is an attempt to determine the impact of Thomas Hobbes on Spinoza’, the idea of God and the laws of nature. The work and narratives of different authors have been reproduced below solely for educational purpose. -Boringbug INTRODUCTION Spinoza is placed as a political philosopher on an intellectual line with Thomas Hobbes.[1] There areContinue reading “What are the laws of nature? How does Thomas Hobbes impact Spinoza?”