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Moon (चाँद)

उलझा उल्फतो में ऐसा, चाँद कहीं गुम हो गया। Stuck in the thoughts and traverse, moon lost in between. (c)boringbug Advertisements

A heart

Hit after hit she shattered the mirrors. Somewhere a heart shimmered. -boringbug

सवाल (Questions)


There are some questions of mine, unsaid and unheard of, one fine day they too shall be asked.

The beauty of life

I slept and dreamed, that life was a beauty. I woke up and noticed, that it is still the same. -(c) Boringbug

(Nature) फ़ितरत

A delicate bird,
humane inside.
(परिंदो सी नज़ाकत,
फ़ितरत-ए- इंसान |)

A fine book!

As the author gripped his pen, took up his stance, people changed their stance, leaped as he leaped, soared And plunged. – (c) Boringbug

वो कश्ती ही क्या?

वोह ज़िन्दगी ही क्या जो मझदार में ना हो, वोह कश्ती ही क्या जो डगमगाये नहीं। ज़िंदगी एक बर्फ़ की कश्ती की तरह ही तोह है, जो पानी में चले तोह दूरी तय कर जाये, […]


She called him “a shadow of his friends”, and left! Little did she know, that shadows neither have friends, nor enemies. – (c)boringbug

The Chasing Shadows

I saw a creature, hidden in the dark & brazen in light; stomping at me & stepping on me, laughing with me & walking with me, supporting me & holding onto me. No! It ain’t my […]


He saw, she glanced, they met, none said a word. – (c) Boringbug

The eyes say it all

I wish you knew,
that I know
you are…


  Drenched in the rain, he smelled musty and damp; The scent of the earth, as if petrichor emanating from the memories of the past. -Boringbug

A Doll

He always carried a doll within, every time he would fall in love,  he would give away his beloved doll  only to see it come back… -(c) Boringbug

Taken for Granted

In the midst of time the pursuit of future thou ignored the anonymity of happiness yet looking beyond taken a’back it was life that took it all for granted. -boringbug