Concentration and mindfulness of routine

There are days when it becomes impossible to focus on work. The art of staying focused, inspired and motivated, seems to dissipate on the morning blues. Stepping into the office and leading into a cabin, a 12 x 12 cubicle of exhaustion, I gaze at the imaginary sky with chirping birds flying over. The corporate lifestyle blending in the disguise of a corporate slave. In a situation as such, I generally bifurcate my happiness with my sense of satisfaction. Primarily, my state of happiness varies, but my satisfaction to achieve further success does not dissipate. This is a sort of mindfulness that proceeds to keep me happy.

According to research and studies, people who follow a mindfulness routine are less distracted from their designated task and have a better concentration skill. So what are mindfulness routines? And how can you develop the same with little or minimal effort?

Mindfulness routines stand for the basic practice or a daily ritual adopted by people to keep them energized, regulated and active. It is primarily performed to synchronize a person’s mind, body, and soul.

You want to develop or schedule a routine of yours too? Simply follow the following 10 minutes step thrice a day:

1)  Put everything aside and close your eyes.
If you have a reading job- close your books or desktop/laptop/kindle/screen etc. Or any equipment playing by your side. Music is good until it fails to calm or soothe your mind down. So switch the music off too.

2) Focus on your breathe.
Gaze your mind to count your breaths. The air being breathed in and out of your nostrils have to be focused on. Bring your full attention to it. Don’t control your breath but just observe it.

3) Let your mind wander:
While counting the flow of your breathing, your mind is likely to wander. That is normal and natural. Don’t judge yourself for these runaway thoughts, and don’t let other’s opinion falter you. Simply guide your attention back to your breathing and start over with the next breath. It’s the act of returning your focus to the breath that strengthens the brain’s circuitry of concentration — and eventually helps you better control your attention.

So next time you appear to be in a faltering situation or are unable to compress and focus your thoughts just focus on your breathing. You’ll be amazed by the results it can yield.

– boringbug

3 responses to “Concentration and mindfulness of routine”

  1. I was in an urgent need of something like this. Thank you so much for the apt guidance. Your write-ups are subtle and leave an everlasting impact on me. Keep up the good work :)

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    1. I am glad that I was of some help. Keep working hard and continue striving for success.

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