I Am Lost In Thoughts

I am lost in the thoughts of existentialism. Clobbering myself with the sense of purpose, achievement, failure(s), and identity. Probably that’s what traveling does to you. A self embibed search, understanding how things transpire, and how we may grow beyond. Yet, when being reminded of the destinations I have been to, and which I aim…

Taken for Granted

In the midst of time the pursuit of future thou ignored the anonymity of happiness. Yet looking beyond taken aback it was life that took it all for granted. -boringbug

Concentration and mindfulness of routine

There are days when it becomes impossible to focus on work. The art of staying focused, inspired and motivated, seems to dissipate on the morning blues. Stepping into the office and leading into a cabin, a 12 x 12 cubicle of exhaustion, I gaze at the imaginary sky with chirping birds flying over. The corporate…

A piece of mind (Shout Out)

You have ever had this everlasting feeling of being stuck between a devil and a deep sea. A series of incidents and circumstances where you feel damned if you do and damned if you don’t. A sense of being lost or being driven to a whirlwind ride destined to a place full of responsibilities you didn’t know existed….

A journey back to the city where it all began.

“I Can’t breathe properly” I complained to my father. My skin itching and burning red, rashes developing on my entire body. It was the day I was supposed to travel, meant to travel back to the city where it all began. “You want to visit a doctor? You can postpone your trip…” he suggested.  “No!” I…