Posted by Vincent Panangadon

A marketer with over 18yrs of professional experience in brand-building, I have worked across FMCG, Consumer Durable, Payments, Advertising and communications fields. I have also managed emerging start-ups & new businesses. My core of area of expertise include strategic design, marketing, and development of the brand; with an emphasis on producing optimal results through understanding people and their behavior. With hands-on experience, I have led several initiatives for leading brands and Govt. organisations. These experiences and many others have contributed to the building blocks of my career, granting a granular-level insight, as well as the confidence required to produce real-world results within any given industry. Given the entrepreneurial streak in me, new & disruptive business ideas gets my attention easily.


  1. Thank you, that was wonderful



  2. mumsthewordblog1 July 18, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Very informative & helpful post, thank you, Tracey :)

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    1. Thank you. You can visit the author’s blog for some more creative insights into the world of marketing.
      His blog is-

      I am always glad when you drop by to read our posts. :)

      Best regards,


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