5 Great New Advances in Auto Technology

We present to you the top five new advances in auto technology.

MBlood: The Mobile App that connects you to blood donors

I recently stumbled upon a start-up company that maintains a mobile application (app) called MBLOOD. Although I am not a marketing enthusiast, I was surprisingly motivated by the objective and ease of functionality of this mobile app. Hence, this post and spreading of awareness. Maybe you’ll be able to contribute to the saving of livesContinue reading “MBlood: The Mobile App that connects you to blood donors”

The Return Of Nokia, Nostalgia and The Love Of The Past

Once upon a time, there was a phone like none other. The Nokia 3310! Don’t get me wrong, there were fancier flip phones and sleeker models, but the original Nokia held its own. With the return of Nokia comes back its nostalgic wonders. The Nokia 3310 was not just a phone, it was a legend.Continue reading “The Return Of Nokia, Nostalgia and The Love Of The Past”

Selfie An Inspiration To Payment Technology -by Vincent Panangadon

What we once thought as a frivolous waste of time has become a source of technology. I am talking about Selfies.  Banks have realised this selfie mania and are providing a selfie feature for account opening and terming it as selfie accounts. Technology is developing rapidly in payments space and biometric authentication is evolving dayContinue reading “Selfie An Inspiration To Payment Technology -by Vincent Panangadon”

Who is an introvert? A shout out

Introverts are typically more reserved and reflective people who prefer solitary activities. They are persons who prefer partying with people they are close to, but in general, they love ‘cancelled parties’. They would never say no to anything you ask them for but will make an honest effort to do the opposite. They are comfortable withinContinue reading “Who is an introvert? A shout out”

What is a Fintech-Outreach organisation?

Organizations that are into fintech along with a rural reach are known as ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organizations. These ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organisations with fintech capabilities along with the ability to reach rural India faster will have huge opportunities across all the sectors. To begin with, they can be very helpful in opening bank accounts. All they need to doContinue reading “What is a Fintech-Outreach organisation?”

A guide to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currencies. In general terms, cryptocurrencies are the digital form of money which can be collected, mined using computers. These computers try to figure out the long bits of codesContinue reading “A guide to cryptocurrencies”