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A marketer with over 18yrs of professional experience in brand-building, I have worked across FMCG, Consumer Durable, Payments, Advertising and communications fields. I have also managed emerging start-ups & new businesses. My core of area of expertise include strategic design, marketing, and development of the brand; with an emphasis on producing optimal results through understanding people and their behavior. With hands-on experience, I have led several initiatives for leading brands and Govt. organisations. These experiences and many others have contributed to the building blocks of my career, granting a granular-level insight, as well as the confidence required to produce real-world results within any given industry. Given the entrepreneurial streak in me, new & disruptive business ideas gets my attention easily.


It is difficult not to have heard of Hornbill festival, but it is quite possible that you have no clue about it.  For many of us, Hornbill is a cool festival that happens somewhere in […]

Stories that make good content – Featuring ‘Nordy Stories’

Due to this massive explosion of easy access to content creation, everybody is jumping on this content creation wagon. But the challenge is to create truly authentic content that can resonate with the customers. And […]

Don’t be a dinosaur, adopt ‘Agile Marketing’

If you are a marketer then it is very difficult to miss the word ‘Agile Marketing’. It’s been around for a while now but it was predominantly something that marketers borrowed from software teams and […]

Cuba: An Enchanted Island

Cuba happens to be place stuck in time with miles of white sand beaches, small towns with striking architecture, clear blue water with puffy clouds above and best rum the world that you can taste […]

Changing relation between brands and consumers

Digital has introduced a new contract between consumers and brands