Everything To Know About Choosing A Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

No matter what industry you are operating in, the last thing you want is inefficiency. Unfortunately, too many companies are losing out to their competition because they refuse to take the necessary steps that will help them become more efficient. As a company with assets, you must have the appropriate software to manage, maintain, andContinue reading “Everything To Know About Choosing A Cloud-Based Asset Management Software”

Alcohol and Steroids in UK: to be or not to be

Everyone who dared to take steroids sooner or later wondered if the drugs were compatible with alcoholic beverages. For some it is a matter of life and death, for others it is a matter of principle that they refuse to drink alcohol by taking steroids. The rest of them clearly know what they want andContinue reading “Alcohol and Steroids in UK: to be or not to be”

Why is it possible to enjoy an amazing mobile experience

With artificial intelligence (AI) gaining grounds in the tech world, every mobile app development company, as well as, mobile device manufacturers are working assiduously in making mobile apps that are user-friendly and highly engaging in order to ensure that you enjoy an extremely mobile experience. A highly engaging app makes the app users continue toContinue reading “Why is it possible to enjoy an amazing mobile experience”

How Companies Feed On Nostalgia?

Have you ever thought how nostalgia is played out in the telecom market? Presumably the smartphone market these days.¬†Why the nostalgia market works so well? Apparently, new technologies play their disruptions by recreating familiar things i.e. design cues that evoke old objects inter alia software mimicking the look of the old things it has replaced.Continue reading “How Companies Feed On Nostalgia?”

Fake news forwards on WhatsApp

This was the year of fake news, vile opinions, turbulence and dark humor in the era of WhatsApp forwards. But what does WhatsApp stand for? WhatsApp¬†is an application messenger acting as a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows its users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The name was originally an intendedContinue reading “Fake news forwards on WhatsApp”

How is screen time affecting your children?

November 17, 2017| Beware! In this technology-driven world, technology holds the key to everything. Key to education, success and the gateway to hell. The present world is a device-driven world, wherein smartphones hold infinite power to control its users. The power to dictate your behaviour and the behaviour of your child. Technology is vital toContinue reading “How is screen time affecting your children?”

The Return Of Nokia, Nostalgia and The Love Of The Past

Once upon a time, there was a phone like none other. The Nokia 3310! Don’t get me wrong, there were fancier flip phones and sleeker models, but the original Nokia held its own. With the return of Nokia comes back its nostalgic wonders. The Nokia 3310 was not just a phone, it was a legend.Continue reading “The Return Of Nokia, Nostalgia and The Love Of The Past”