Why is it possible to enjoy an amazing mobile experience

With artificial intelligence (AI) gaining grounds in the tech world, every mobile app development company, as well as, mobile device manufacturers are working assiduously in making mobile apps that are user-friendly and highly engaging in order to ensure that you enjoy an extremely mobile experience. A highly engaging app makes the app users continue toContinue reading “Why is it possible to enjoy an amazing mobile experience”

Stories that make good content – Featuring the legendary Nordy Stories

For every brand there is a story in your backyard, look for them. Some brands have been doing this for years. One such example is Nordy Stories.

Selfie An Inspiration To Payment Technology -by Vincent Panangadon

What we once thought as a frivolous waste of time has become a source of technology. I am talking about Selfies.  Banks have realised this selfie mania and are providing a selfie feature for account opening and terming it as selfie accounts. Technology is developing rapidly in payments space and biometric authentication is evolving dayContinue reading “Selfie An Inspiration To Payment Technology -by Vincent Panangadon”