There are times when we are faced with grievous situations. Hurdles, obstacles and blockade to our ambition. In face of a dire circumstance, we are tempted to escalate the said conflicts to higher ups. That be relatives, parents, a boss or a leader. At any given moment of time, we hope for a divine angelic intervention to resolve our conflicts and provide normalcy in our life. Despite the aforesaid, as we age further, we realise the absence of the parental guide, a divine or the higher up constantly resolving our daily conflicts. That includes the hurdles in professional and personal lives. But why do we expect for an intervention from a higher up? Why can’t we strengthen ourselves to resolve what is ours to face?

On our failure to prioritise a task, adhere to the deadlines and inability to obtain the desired results’ we tend to direct ourselves towards a leader with the hopes of guiding us towards the gateway of success. A leader, irrespective of the designation, would step in between and make the final call. But why do we bring this unwarranted situation?

It is always better to inculcate a decision making ability. The skill-set to take our own call, stick to our position and learn from our mistakes. Standing tall for our families, our teammates, or even to those that look upto us. To achieve the ability to solve issues without involving the higher-ups, we ought to treat conflict not as an annoyance that leads to anxiety and alienation but as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Seek guidance from experienced people, take advice, tackle courses but take your own course of action.

Commit yourself to discourses. Discuss issues and differences openly, therewith model the right behavior, tactic and approach, to resolve the conflict. Calmly share your ideas with people, group, or family and avoid pointing fingers in face of disagreements or failures.

Remember, conflicts and resolutions should make you, not break you.
It’s better to stand your ground, take your own course of action and be the lion that you were always meant to be.

-by boringbug


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Posted by The Boring Bug

A paperback in the world of kindle, boringbug is a reluctant blogger, a sketch artist by hobby and a lawyer. The blog is a part reflection of his experiences, dialogues and opinions. You can reach him out on Instagram (@theboringbug) and Twitter (@boringbug).


  1. Good read 😃😃👌

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    1. Thank you for reading by. I am glad that you like it.


  2. very nice and awesome post

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hope to see you here again. :)


  3. Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! 👻👻👻👻👻

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    1. Haha, i guess it’s a praise. Thank you.


  4. Start to open yourself up to the world. Don’t let conflict or change break you or push you back. Listen to what other have to say. They may have a tip for you.

    Thanks for sharing! :-) Keep it up! :-)

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    1. Thanks man.
      Just noticed, interesting blog you have.

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