Do not rely on others to resolve your conflicts

There are times when we are faced with grievous situations. Deprived of motivation. Hurdles, obstacles, and blockade to our ambition. In face of a dire circumstance, we are tempted to escalate the said conflicts to higher-ups. That be relatives, parents, a boss or a leader. At any given moment of time, we hope for a divine angelic intervention to resolve our conflicts and provide normalcy … Continue reading Do not rely on others to resolve your conflicts

The day I fought off bullies

As a child you don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand why your parents or elders are always crabby, why you are endlessly teased or bullied, and why you shouldn’t show sadness because it makes you weak. You feel the emotions these situations produce, not the real reasoning behind them. The world scared ‘Laddoo’ as a child because he couldn’t see it for what it really was. Albeit, he only felt what he suffered not how it could be treated. He could have retracted to his own self- hadn’t it been for the above incident.

After all, life, lessons and learning come when you least expect. Continue reading The day I fought off bullies