Do not rely on others to resolve your conflicts

There are times when we are faced with grievous situations. Deprived of motivation. Hurdles, obstacles, and blockade to our ambition. In face of a dire circumstance, we are tempted to escalate the said conflicts to higher-ups. That be relatives, parents, a boss or a leader. At any given moment of time, we hope for aContinue reading “Do not rely on others to resolve your conflicts”

Don’t be a dinosaur, adopt ‘Agile Marketing’

If you are a marketer then it is very difficult to miss the word ‘Agile Marketing’. It’s been around for a while now but it was predominantly something that marketers borrowed from software teams and it is a good thing. Marketers are in the eye of the storm of massive change: from shopping behaviour to consuming behaviour,Continue reading “Don’t be a dinosaur, adopt ‘Agile Marketing’”

What difference does a colour make?

“Is that your friend?” “Yea dad! And he is quite intelligent.” “Well! He is dark. I can’t even see his face clearly.” “It’s a dark photograph dad. Trust me, his face is visible enough just like his personality.” “Where is he from?” “He is from India.” “Definitely not a Christian. A Muslim? Or a Hindu?” “AnContinue reading “What difference does a colour make?”

How to read books in a short amount of time?

Having a busy book blog like this one comes with many emails and requests from authors wanting me to have a look at their work and reviewing them. Not to let anyone down, I had to come up with a plan just to be able to read the volume of books I was receiving. IContinue reading “How to read books in a short amount of time?”

High Time You Do Away With Toxic Relationships

We tend to stick with people and relationships. Dependency. Addiction. The primary causes and concerns of sticking with a turbulent person. Irrespective of our association with wrong people, knowing our innate doubts’ we tend to stay with them. Breeding our inner fears. Day in, day out. Ten to nine, nine to ten. Wasting our preciousContinue reading “High Time You Do Away With Toxic Relationships”

8 Great Tricks for Reading People’s Body Language Like A Ninja

We, the human breed, generally learn to read body languages with time and experience. This is transpired by picking up cues during the years and observing the behavioral characteristics of people in person also known as the mystery characteristics. Further supported by the people’s ability to communicate, it is not restricted to verbal communications alone.