Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence

As humans, we all succumb to the act of aggression at some point in life. The said aggression might be the cause of a provocation, an act of defense, a reaction, or an inbound frustration (dissatisfaction). Yet, despite knowing that violence is the extreme form of anxiety we tend to bring forth our worst. Depreciating ourselves to the extent of a beast with no restraint. This behaviour is quite reflective of our incompetency, resultant of our failure to achieve a specific target. Thus bringing out a sense of incompetence while resorting to violence and intimidation.

That being said, I come to the closure of my three quotes challenge. I sincerely thank “She” for nominating me for this intriguing exercise, and I humbly urge the readers to visit her blog. She can be reached at- “This door is alarmed“.

As I embarked upon the three quotes challenge (the previous post can be found here), I had originally opined on sharing quotes from the lives of three people viz. “Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Asimov”.  However, I decided to forego with the thought and pursued three renown quotes. Therewith spreading awareness on people giving unwarranted advice, and the notion that we cannot always blame ourselves for the wrongdoings, believing that the universe at times has its own plans. 

In pursuance of which’ the incoherent human aggression caught my final line of thought. Although aggression is not always negative, however, the intimidating behaviour to force an idea down the throat of other people is a relative sign of incompetence. This might resultantly be due to lack of patience, a paucity of knowledge, absence of wisdom and an obsession towards something. Thus bringing me to this final quote:

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence.”

– Isaac Asimov

In the parlance of the aforesaid, there lays emphasis on passion and obsession. When passion transforms into obsession, man loses his sense of rationality. Thus failing to differentiate between right and wrong, his conscience deflects while indulging in violence. His arrogance takes better of him and he starts seeking pleasure from the suffering of others. In process turning towards extremism and harming people in manners possible. 

The incompetence of the said individual(s) is not limited to the absence of rationality and wisdom. Therefore on exhaustion of their available arsenal and failure to convince a people, he invariably submits to aggression and/or violence as a last resort. Whereas, a competent person avoids unnecessary use of aggression, owing to his ability to resolve a problem with his skills and intellect. However, a learned person would never succumb to his aggressive self, whether verbal, emotional or physical. 

I do not intend to say that competency is bereft of aggression. One might reasonably be granted liberty to defend himself from life-inflicting harm or danger, or to an extent preemptively act against imminent danger, inter alia  a person might be aggressive in his approach according to the need or the demand of a situation. But if the same aggression is performed with the intent of inflicting injury on someone or for imposition of one’s belief on someone then it requisites a serious introspection.

The implied corollary is that a person who resorts to violence must, therefore, be incompetent.

What do you believe?

– boringbug

Avoid violence and uncalled aggression. Educate, motivate and inspire.

7 responses to “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence”

  1. A lovely and well-explained final entry. I have enjoyed your quotes :)

    Would I say perhaps it is more fear of incompetence rather than incompetence itself. If a person fears this, they will resort to aggression as their only means of saving themselves, a sort of fight or flight response, perhaps, although, one may argue the act of choosing violence confirms their incompetence!

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    1. I agree with you. One of the reasons may be denoted to this fear of incompetence that results into frustration. That surmounted frustration further yields into an aggressive reaction.

      Thank you for your input, there’s so much to learn from you. :)

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    2. Thanks, that is such a sweet thing to say! :)

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  2. Really not a fan of violence. And honestly I feel violence against anyone, is violence against your own soul, it unrests you. But then again if one is capable of violence, then I am not sure if he/she would be hindered by it on himself/herself.

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    1. I agree with you. Violence is an excuse that people resort to.
      As it is said, an ember is enough to burn an entire world down.

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    2. Yes, it is only something which gives heed to unwanted and absolutely unreasonable behaviour. And that ember is just where all of this starts.

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