​God’s Words Of Wisdom- Choose Judiciously

In the wake of quora, where the world comes together to ask questions of different kinds, there is a particular question which is asked frequently. Whether God exists? Or is god omnipotent? This question has gripped believers, agnostics, as well as atheists and people of different faith. To explain this, people have come up with various theories. One of my explanations can be found on “The Idea of God”.

I have always been inspired by the concept of yin-yang. If we did a little research and self-introspection, we’ll understand that all good and bad things happening around us begin from our mind and the resultant thoughts. For instance, somebody decided to help the poor and we had Mother Teresa, someone decided to resort to non-violence for independence and we had Mahatma Gandhi, someone decided to research and prove the world was round and we had Aryabhatta and Copernicus. Someone believed in the existence of the planets and thought of inventing the telescope and we had Galileo Galilee.

Similarly, someone thought of oppressing an entire race, and Hitler came into the picture. Some nations thought of attacking each other and we had wars.

All in all, the good and the bad are the result of our emotional intensity and belief. Someone with purity in thoughts rationally decided to help humanity, while the other in insanity did the opposite. God has nothing to do with it. Complaining to god for the act of a mind is like blaming it and your bible (holy book) for your own failures. 

From peace to war, love to hatred, all these words of wisdom for today’ are built up in our mind. It is on these thoughts we build up ourselves. That is to say that we are the creator of the world that we want to live in. 

As it is said, the mind is, as it were, an observer which looks out on this universe extended outside of us. The thing most dangerous to us is our unguided thoughts.

-by boringbug

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    2. sumit upadhyay

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