How to make the most out of Pooping?

There are times when no matter what, how often I go over something, I just can’t seem to come up with an answer. The nervous sense of being stuck at a place where the road forks linger at the back of my mind. The more I think creatively, the more elusive the solution becomes. Then I realized that sinking my teeth deeper into the situation will only bring more frustration & wasted time. I let go of the task and do something else instead. Once I walk away, I inevitably receive my answers.

Some answers come to me at the oddest times- when I am driving, in the shower, while jogging, in meditation, dancing, writing, eating food and mainly when ‘pooping’. Yes, you heard it right, when POOPING! 

Even though it looks odd, weird to read and a strange place to relax, in reality, I am constantly at work. It’s just a different level of consciousness.

While working through the process ‘incubating & percolating’, I put myself in a relaxing environment where the thinking process could go underground and work at a subconscious level. (Ignoring the fumes.)

While incubating, my subconscious mind begins to percolate with thoughts, ideas, and solutions. Over time they bubble up into conscious mind as a creative inspiration. Even though it seems as if answers magically appeared without any conscious effort (except dumping), they are really the results of spontaneous combustion through incubating and percolating.

I believe that “when we find ourselves impasse with something we are working on”, walk away from it! Enjoy doing something else while your subconscious mind is at work. Be pleasantly surprised as your answers suddenly appear when we least expect it.

Now go back to your task (while I poop) and finish it up with ease. You might achieve success through the magic of the ‘spontaneous combustion’. If not than at-least your intestines would be through with the burden.

-by boringbug

8 responses to “How to make the most out of Pooping?”

  1. This is such a good post. You have made it comedic however you are discussing a human’s cognitive response towards solving issues. Somehow, not sure if it is weird or not, the same rule applies to when you lose something. Just let it go and you will remember where you put it :)

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    1. Somehow I seemed to have missed upon your comment. Well it depends upon what we have lost, as you have said- it’s always our cognitive response towards solving issues. :)

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  2. haha… can’t agree more..

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  3. Great post. Never considered the potential inspirations I could find in a bathroom. Potty humor could take my amateurish writing to a whole new sophomoric level. Enjoying your writing.

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    1. Hahah, pretentious but not juvenile.
      Thank you for reading. :D


  4. hehe, love this idea!

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    1. It’s all about ‘incubating and percolating’. Thank you for reading. :)

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