What is the difference between option and choice?

The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision. An option is limited in nature and is generally decided upon. It can be fixed by someone or is circumstantial. For example, “you are given to select from the options A, B, C & D”; or you are given a multiple-choice question consisting of four different options. You select one. Hence, options are fixed and choices aren’t.

Choices are the decisions we take over the options that we have viz. co-relative to the freedom to choose from. Therefore, choice is defined as an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. Whereas options are the provided possibilities amongst which something is chosen from.

For example “Trump has the option to be an inspiration or to be a prick. He chooses to become the latter.” Here Trump made a choice, while he had two options to choose from.

In other words, an option is a noun for a thing and choice is a noun for your decision. The following identify its meaning: 

  1. Options are defined as one of the choices which can be made;
  2. Choice is an opportunity to select something or to choose from an option;
  3. Options are spread before us to choose from;
  4. Options are the things and choices are our decision;
  5. Options are fixed and choices aren’t.

The common misunderstanding amongst people is that choices and options are synonymous to each other. This is incoherent and wrong. In common parlance, options precede the choice we make. Choices can be made out of the options that we have i.e. it is upon us to decide. There is no limitation to choice, ‘either we decide or we don’t’. It is restricted but not limited. Whereas ‘options are limited’ i.e. these are the given set of circumstances or available commodities to decide amongst from.

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Social connotation:

The differences between choices and options also apply to social connotations. Primarily, the way options are presented to the citizens of a country affects their choice and decision making. This reflects that viable option in a society which ‘nudges’ our intuitive selves to make choices that are consistent with what we would have chosen if we were in control.

In the above connotation, option one is selection or preference i.e. one which has to be chosen or decided. Whereas choice is the outcome of a decision vis a vis the freedom and the right to choose.

Care and judgment in selecting. Possible discrimination when given obsolete freedom to make a choice.

Philosophical connotation:

Life can be likened to choices and options. Life gives us a multitude of options from which we make our choices or choose upon. For example, life when likened to a path- “we walk along the path and come to a diversion, where we must choose which way to go.” Here the two diversions were the options given to us and the one we traveled upon was our choice. Sometimes these choices and options are relatively minor in nature. For example “whether to have a cup of coffee or tea. Minor choices do not really affect our lives much as we continue on the major route. Other choices are major and life-changing, such as what career we will follow.

“You cannot gallop an entire pizza and the beer at the same time” said Rahul.

“But I do have the option to eat pizza or drink beer?” I replied


“So the choice is mine. Isn’t it?”

Rahul definitely couldn’t fathom what it meant. That’s where lay the difference between option(s) and choice(s).


Choice, therewith, is a selection from alternatives. This means we select from the best alternatives available to us. Sometimes these are obvious but often they are not and the path we walk can have a significant random element. Being alert and able to see the choices we have is a critical ability for living deliberately i.e. the instinctive ability of a human based on his conscious self.

Furthermore, a choice is the process of selection. We weigh up each option, considering its pros and cons. We then select the most advantageous option.


The difference between options and choices is quite simple. If you have an alternative, you strive to seek the options available to you, and therein you make your choice by deciding which one to go for. If you want someone to choose, this implies you have already decided. If you want them to decide, you probably want them to identify their own set of alternatives.

A choice is important, since it gives us a sense of freedom, whereas options are the limited alternative provided to us as a medium to make that decision.

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16 responses to “What is the difference between option and choice?”

  1. Clearly choice is what you choose from a number of options dont try to invent stupid philosophies


    1. Punitive minds apprehend the least.


  2. Lmaoooo i love the ecample about Trump being a prick!

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    1. Example**


    2. Haha, it was a satirical way of putting my opinion across. Thank you for not being offended. :P


  3. examples on point.

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    1. Thank you Sanchi! For taking your time out and reading it. :)

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    2. I went through your blogs. Commendable writing and well researched facts. You aren’t much active these days, are you?

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    3. oh thank you so much. Yeah i haven’t been active at all.Lack of time actually.

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    4. Busy with your professional life, is it?

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    5. school actually :p

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    6. Haha. Then you can muster enough time to continue with the blogs.

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  4. I totally agree – so important to know that we have choices & that we make our lives as much as we are given them

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