We Matter

At the end of the day the smile on our face MATTERS! (c)boringbug


There lies a hope in complaint. ©boringbug


I looked at her, mortified and blushing, dug myself deeper into the newspaper. Or that’s what I pretended to only to realise I was holding it upside down. ©boringbug

Fragile Traveler

As I turn off the porch light. I feel like a fragile traveller heart burdened with necessities. Sky searching the chapters of life. That is all, the crudities, the superficiality. Yes and yet, I shall not forget the privileges of the time gone by in the long, stream of eternity. Left cold to die. ©boringbug


His ubiquitous self destroyed within. (c)boringbug


Attempt not to fathom an ocean full of secrets Or a woman’s heart. (c)boringbug