Who is an introvert? A shout out

The Grumpy Introvert Cat

Introverts are typically more reserved and reflective people who prefer solitary activities. They are persons who prefer partying with people they are close to, but in general, they love ‘cancelled parties’. They would never say no to anything you ask them for but will make an honest effort to do the opposite. They are comfortable within their den and are afraid of addressing large gatherings. They love their personal space, personal time and a peaceful thought process, invariably they prefer spending time alone. They are not angry, it’s just their face!


Introverts also have a social side but they follow it on their own terms. They enjoy interacting with people but in small numbers inter alia’ less number of people, less shit to deal with! Family and close friends matter to them the most and they don’t mind eating alone. An introvert is also understood to be a silent observer, which is again ‘nothing more but a habit of staring at the walls’. Sometimes an introvert can show emotional outbursts, but behind the reaction, he hides a silent observation. Introverts tend to act and react slowly. But behind every action lies a thoughtful process. If the introverts are passionate about something, they might even eat your brains out for it.

The issue arises when an introvert befriends an extrovert and they click instantly.

Extroverts are generally the people who believe that anyone can gel with everyone or everyone can gel with anyone. That includes taking an introvert for a ride. They cannot differentiate between a human dung and a cow dung. They happen to take a shit for a shit, ‘now whether it is a human shit or shittiest shit it does not matter’. The extroverts would probably want to meet both. Their characteristic includes ‘caring for all but still caring for nothing’, while the introverts ‘care for none, but still end up caring of all’. It is just like a weird combination of ‘Vikram-Betaal’. They don’t want to be with each other but still end up getting hitched. One listens while the other barks and both end up doing nothing.

I personally have issues with extroverts. They would question you to no end. Their idiocy knows no bound. That too merely for the sake of questioning. For example: If you are busy staring at a wall then they will obstruct your view and ask you what you are busy with? It’s just like your nosy relatives sneaking into every habit or space of yours, eagerly seeking an opportunity to poop up on your floor.

Then it’s the persistent questions like ‘what are you thinking?’ Duh! am I supposed to divulge all my thoughts? I am thinking about how’d a shitty sperm like you win the race? (or were the rest of the participants as shitty as you?) It’s just like a neighbour of yours sticking her/his nose into everyone’s business, unmindful of the Trojan Horse in his/her own house.

There are times when the introvert & extrovert both end up at a big gathering. They both exit the place as happy beings. Extrovert, happy on getting the opportunity to socialise while the introvert, happy on making an exit from the cramped up place. Although they can both party and go clubbing, they both have different expectations. One is restricted to his fellow members while the other intends to socialise with all.

I remember meeting with one such person (an extrovert) who had a habit of spewing shit on topics he didn’t know a thing about. Making it sound as if he had expertise on the topics. Introverts tend to catch up easily on them, but it being too much of a hassle they don’t interfere. After all, whatever form of shit the extrovert spews it’s still going to stink. But of course, not all extroverts are the same.

Another issue I have is first greetings. On rare occasions when I am forced to meet with new people I am unable to grasp the concept of “nice to meet you!” I mean, how do you know that I am nice? You don’t know me and we have never met before. I might be an asshole! “The extroverts” on the contrary seems to be fine with it.  Now, if you are a shit, how can it be nice shaking hands with it?

Then there are extroverts (over enthusiasts) who can talk to anyone for hours on phone. They’ll call you up and make references to the most microscopic-microorganisms from a parallel universe which you have never even heard of. The conversation goes like:

“you know that aunty of your friend’s mother’s -grandfather’s -mitochondria’s -plasma’s -inner cell’s- outer membrane got married to another ‘X-Y-Z-Apple-Orange-Kiwi-Potato’s brother”.

Duh! What’s the point? I mean seriously!!

And then they’ll call introverts anti-social. Who wants to know what your mitochondria’s inner membrane is doing? Please speak to the point. We introverts can also do such talking but only with people we are comfortable with, or if it is the topic of our interest. It cannot be any Tom-Dick & Harry of an extrovert trying to strike a conversation.

The extroverts often fail to understand that being ‘social’ and being ‘sociable’ is an option, not the way of being. Introverts are not shy, lest they avoid opening up to strangers. They might show interest in you but it doesn’t necessarily mean being friends with you. Introverts have a limited circle and they tend to maintain that. There’s no need for the extroverts to unnecessarily cover-up. We don’t reveal ourselves to everyone let alone opening up with a ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’!

But at the end of the day, the extroverts have an admirable quality. They have the energy and the social prowess which introverts don’t have. They seem to be energized by the presence of other people. They would rather die of boredom instead of sitting alone. They are the type of people who prefer to think while they speak viz. they don’t think before they speak. It is a common misunderstanding that extroverts reflect upon their concepts when talking. The reality is that reflecting upon concepts isn’t what extroverts do. They are after all the “actions speak louder than words” type of people!

There’s another established misconception that extroverts are better at networking while introverts are afraid of gelling up with people. The truth is that both types of people have an inbuilt ability to connect, and they connect better with each other. It’s just like a Batman-Joker relationship from a parallel universe. Throw away their ‘animosity’, remove the hostility and enmity, and you’ll find two jerks of beings co-existing. Where one cannot stop chatting while the other cannot stop listening to it.

And yes, introverts do hate small talks! ;)

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13 responses to “Who is an introvert? A shout out”

  1. “The extroverts often fail to understand that being ‘social’ and being ‘sociable’ is an option, not the way of being…Throw away their ‘animosity’, remove the hostility and enmity, and you’ll find two jerks of beings co-existing. Where one cannot stop chatting while the other cannot stop listening to it.”


    I’ve been in social stituations surrounded by loads of people my own age, with a shared background, shared job and probably shared interests. Empathy should have been derived from these shared experiences, yet the social was total shit. Why? One reason is we didn’t have the confidence to take risks in conversation. Fear of rejection and insecurity made us retreat within ourselves and fail to see beyond ourselves, beyond the frailty of the ego. Environments that treat people as disposable and alienated from their true nature, such as in a conveyer-belt-like restaurant setting, breed inward-looking people. We do have a choice who we relate and channel our energy towards; an environment where we are conditioned to believe physical/sexual prowess and competence defines our usefulness value as human beings will nurture resentment and pain in those who can’t break free from the role they’ve been earmarked for at an early stage. Radical changes are required in the way be relate to one another. As you say, the in-built ability to connect and love exists eternal in all of us.

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  2. I loved this post! I’m an introvert too and I relate, haha. You just gotta find the good quality (patient and understanding) extroverts to cling onto.

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    1. Haha, that’s true. Surprisingly, many of my close friends happen to be total extroverts and outgoing people’ who happen to drag me along on adventurous journeys.
      Just some quality people, I guess. :)

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  3. I strongly agree!

    You explained well about introvert… And I was…. I am inviting you to read my autobiography and tell me something about being an introvert. I want to know your thoughts.


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    1. What I have observed from your posts is that you are- a calm and composed person who opens up to selective people. Although you might appear to be friendly with all, yet you happen to be secretive and careful in exploring your sides in front of other(s).
      Another thing, you like to observe people and your surroundings. Although your point of view differs from others, yet you are adamant on certain areas and at time reluctant as well.

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    2. That’s a fantastic explanation… Such an impressive. A very well said. I am wondering on how did you find-out that kind of facts. Are you a Psycho graduate? Everything you said is true. Mmmm…

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    3. Haha. Am none of it. Probably trying to show off a bit. I guess. :)


  4. A Perspective on Life from a Shy Introvert

    I’m an Introvert here and I love “cancelled parties.” Great post!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. :)


  5. I had a very very very close friendship with an extreme extrovert once. It lasted about a month. We had a falling out. I needed my little bubble; she kept trying to burst it. We really need more awareness of how different people need to be treated differently.

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    1. I understand your plight, but a true introvert wouldn’t want to burst a bubble. Your friend, if I may say, might be full of social insecurities.

      It’s a medical condition where people have social anxieties making them look like an introvert.


    2. Haha, i can correlate. I have had similar experiences as well.

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