What Are Expectations? What Do Expectations Mean?

Expectation in general stands for a belief of happening or awaiting of something inter alia a belief of something that is bound to happen in future. Its understanding varies from people to people. Some consider it a curse, while others believe it to be a blessing in disguise.

I personally believe it to be an excuse. Blaming others (or a belief) for your own wrong is what people call expectations. If a person fails to act in accordance to your will he has failed you. Here, he is not the one to be blamed but yourself. For the “expectation” was yours in the first place. Call it a desire to place someone under your will; wanting others to act in accordance to your will without communicating anything is the terminology “expectation”.

We generally expect ourselves to do things without any formal commitment and are disappointed. It might be an excuse to justify our actions i.e. giving reasons to an act which was baseless at first hand.  

A friend of mine calls it “a double edged sword”. In his own words- “if taken as a positive it turns to be motivational. If taken as negative it results as an excuse. It is operating under the assumption that talks of accomplished prior to the initiation of the activity.(R.J.: 2015) Another friend of mine believes it to be subjective in nature and it can be subjected to a positive approach. In her own words- “It is a vital part of one’s life. A life in absence of expectations is similar to living in a mechanical world full of robots. Emotions won’t be the basis of the relationship and practicality will be predominant. That makes it baseless. Either way it helps to grow.“(R.M: 2015). A neutral take on the topic can be described as using it in an individual capacity. The friend explains- ‘expectations kills and ruins in individual capacity “of or for” one person. But if it is in group it can be taken as a motivation and work pressure‘. (P.A.P.: 2015). 

A theatrical on the same (a double edged sword) is likewise. Another friend explains- “People are of two kinds. Try avoiding them both and never have expectations. You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motions, defense, offence, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging and leaping from their mouths. Silence? No!” (H.G: 2015). As stated, silence can act like a double edged sword. It is not necessarily bullet proof. It depends on understanding how to use it as a weapon, as a defense, or not use it at all. Silence is not always an answer. The last take on the word expectation is a simple one. It cannot be explained in a single line. “People have different kind of expectations. Some people have too much of expectations which can never be met. From what one understands, you can never stand up to anyone’s expectations. It is human nature, one will always expect more.” (B.B.: 2015). Expectation is an ideology which is driven by human greed, contempt and the willingness to control. It is something bereft of conclusion until you decide to maneuver it in the right direction.


6 responses to “What Are Expectations? What Do Expectations Mean?”

  1. Thank you so much for bringing me here.

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    1. I am glad, and also thankful to you for reminding me of having written this blog post.

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  2. Expectation seems to share similarities with intention in fault. Courts think that intention alleviates the penalty, so does it follow that exspectation alleviates penalty? doesn’t seem like it.

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    1. Do I see a lawyer/ law student here?
      Opinion, expectation or intention. They have similarities but are not the same. Personal expectation amounts to opinion, but it doesn’t amount to information. If your opinion culminates to an intention to hurt someone then yes, it can be penalised,

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    2. I see, but I would have thought that if opinion, expectation, and intention were to be ranked by specificity, it would be: Opinion>Intention>Expectation.
      Aside, I’m stunned that you would guess so accurately. I want to pursue law in the future.

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    3. I agree. If these were to be ranked then:
      Information> Opinion> Intention> Expectation.
      I am sure you’ll reach new heights in the legal field. You have the right aptitude.

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