What is a Fintech-Outreach organisation?

Organizations that are into fintech along with a rural reach are known as ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organizations.

These ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organisations with fintech capabilities along with the ability to reach rural India faster will have huge opportunities across all the sectors.

To begin with, they can be very helpful in opening bank accounts. All they need to do is to integrate bank API with their system. This new form of a bank can be activated in a day, updated and new micro-services could be added within a short period of time and literally at no cost. It is in favor of large banks to tie-up with ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organizations for rapid growth. Currently, banks are facing the challenge of rapid expansion coupled with time and money. Banks can have geographic specific approach too; they can decide which ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organization is stronger in particular geography and can tie-up with them accordingly.

These ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organizations can do a lot more besides opening bank accounts. They can sell other bank products, provide a loan, insurance, micro pension, etc. The organization can enable shops/merchants to be points where people can come and book products online. ‘Fintech-Outreach’ organizations can enable merchants to do a money transfer, bill payments, recharge and lot more.

-by Vincent Panangadon

Vincent is a marketer, payments specialist, entrepreneur, blogger, trekker and a student of life. His blogs can be reached here:




About Vincent P

I am the Co-founder of Offbeat Roads and passionately living my life at the intersection of people and technology. I have led several initiatives for leading brands across FMCG, Consumer Durable, Payments, Advertising and Communications fields. My core area of expertise includes strategic design, marketing, and development of the brand; with an emphasis on producing optimal results through understanding people and their behaviour. These experiences and many others have contributed to the building blocks of my career, granting a granular-level insight, as well as the confidence required to produce real-world results within any given industry. I have taken the skills and applied to my personal life to discover and live my passion. I am on a mission to help people to discover their passion and teach them my system of making money from their passion. I want more people to follow their heart and live happily.

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