5 Rules of blogging that even smart people get wrong

This is for people who have been writing for years.

Stories that make good content – Featuring the legendary Nordy Stories

For every brand there is a story in your backyard, look for them. Some brands have been doing this for years. One such example is Nordy Stories.

Inertia in entertainment: Aren’t we outsourcing it?

Entertainment, or being engaged is essentially the primary substance of existence. You can strip away everything but the need to be engaged does not go away.

Life lessons to reflect on a year in corporate

Last month, I officially completed a year in a market leading company. The experience has been, unexpected to say the least. Generally I would try to give some sort of a build up, but this post is pretty self explanatory and requires a list more than long form writing filled with grand expressions. So that’sContinue reading “Life lessons to reflect on a year in corporate”

MBlood: The Mobile App that connects you to blood donors

I recently stumbled upon a start-up company that maintains a mobile application (app) called MBLOOD. Although I am not a marketing enthusiast, I was surprisingly motivated by the objective and ease of functionality of this mobile app. Hence, this post and spreading of awareness. Maybe you’ll be able to contribute to the saving of livesContinue reading “MBlood: The Mobile App that connects you to blood donors”

10 Insanely Toxic Habits We Need to Destroy to Be Successful

Everyone aims to be successful, yet not all want to face hardships and fight their demons off. In fact, a majority of us remain ignorant of our shortcomings, only to fall prey to our mistakes down the line. So how do all of us burn the fat, reduce our faults to the bone, and scheduleContinue reading “10 Insanely Toxic Habits We Need to Destroy to Be Successful”