5 Great New Advances in Auto Technology

A few decades ago, vehicles were just moving boxes without major technological advancements except for the engine and seats. Fast forward to today, and it will amaze you that vehicles have become smart with the usage of smart technology and artificial intelligence. Some drivers hardly realize the full potential of their cars and remain unchanged for a long time without taking full advantage of the technology being offered to them. Other people, like fleet managers, even want to add upon some technological devices to manage their vehicles well and enhance their services.

In the line of these changes, we present to you the following top five new advances in auto technology:

1) Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection Cameras

Driving at night is a nightmare for many drivers. With the blinding beams from oncoming vehicles, anything can happen. However, night vision cameras can work as an additional aid for drivers. Better still, the capability to detect pedestrians and wild animals can assist in avoiding accidentally running into them. If you drive at night a lot due to the nature of your work, this is an option that you need to consider. The best thing is that this capability can be added as an aftermarket option.

2) Radar Detector Devices

As you drive down the highway, you should know that there is a speed limit, no matter how tempting it is to accelerate. What happens is that the authorities put speed radars at some points to capture vehicles that are speeding. However, people have learned to use radar detectors that tell them when they are above the speed limit. These devices can also tell the driver when they are approaching the radar so that they can lower their speed.

3) GPS Tracking

As you read this, there are many people who are adding GPS tracking devices to their cars. The sales team at Eyeride vehicle solutions claim that one of the bestselling devices are GPS trackers. They come as hardware and software that allow people to track their vehicles at any time. Fleet managers and owners rely on GPS trackers to know the live position of any car. Thus, they can make decisions and give route instructions to the drivers.

4) 360 Degree Cameras

Some cars come with a 360-degree camera to give the drivers an additional eye. If your fleet vehicles have this option, the drivers will enjoy driving them since they will deal with fewer hurdles, especially when parking and driving in heavy traffic. It is a pretty simple technology, yet still very effective. It uses integrated cameras that are fitted on all sides of a vehicle to indicate the right position.

5) Automatic Braking System

Apart from the assisted braking systems that are very common, we now have automated braking systems. Vehicles are fitted with smart sensors that can detect objects behind and in front of the car at some distance. The sensors communicate to the vehicle computer, which will automatically apply the brake and bring the car to a complete stop. However, there are still some loopholes because this technology does not apply at very high speeds. All in all, it will help drivers avoid hitting objects and causing accidents on many occasions.

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