What makes people successful?

This subject has always troubled my mind. Day in and day out being raising questions such as- What makes people successful? Is it their profession, is their work ethic or is it their dedication towards a profession?

As it is seen, successful people are known to be composed. Rarely seen to fret over things they command in public, they ignore the things that irk them.

They appear to be organised, conscientious and focused viz. people who have things panned out. Given any moment of time, they have a skeleton prepared to improve. Sketching and improvising as per a plan. Achieving things they aim for as if waving a magic wand in the air *puff*. They know what they want, how they want and why they want? Knowing the right set of people all along, they are seemingly not fazed by the issue of “what and where”.

Or is that what it seems to be?

Priorities set. Goal(s) envisioned. Target audience aligned. A perfect tale of synchronization.

The definition of success varies from people to people. It is something that cannot be labelled under monetary benefits alone. A person might be a successful parent, a businessman, a politician, a sportsperson, a doctor or a person specialized in his field of interest. Although in a capitalist society, the definition seems to rely heavily on the totality of moolah (money) earned by a person.

But what would be the mindset of success?

Delving into the mindset of success, we realise that thinking of successful people is not much different from others. These people travel through a similar thought process, similar struggles and expectations as do other people. However, what makes them distinct is their set of priority and adamancy. That is to say, they attend what is required of their own will, volition and accord. They put themselves in strategic positions with a purpose. Except, when faced with adversity they improvise to suit the situation. A skill they excel while majority fails at.

I believe that successful people, in their own field of distinction, have a surmountable spirit and experience. The first balancing the latter. For what they lack in experience, they compensate with their spirit. In the act of balancing and counterbalancing they are surmounted with a multitude of tasks. Enough to devoid their time for anything else. A vortex of ideas.

The fact that they are not taken in by the everyday issue, they appear to have it all under control.

At least, that is I what I believe it to be.

Yet, unknown to the public eye, beyond their purview, they are subconsciously aspiring to achieve their goal(s). Sweating bit by bit, crawling inch by inch. Dashing ahead to achieve their ambition.

In my quarter of life, per se, minimal experience, I have observed two sets of people. Primary, young and ambitious entrepreneur who believe in being surrounded by successful individuals. They hope to liaison with them and inflict positives.

The latter are people who aim to learn from others and surround themselves on the basis of their achievements and ability. They study others, incorporate their best practices, imbibe and reflect. They practice observations in public and take inspirations from their surroundings. Embarking upon a journey and ignoring the rest.

Personification imbibed, they are what they seem to be. Reflection of a person they spend the most time with. Themselves.

I admit, howsoever, it takes a lot to be motivated by successful people. People who have carved out a niche for themselves, ranging from the ladders of a millionaire to billionaire, or people who have achieved their own set of tranquillity. Each living with their own set of rule.

A very simple rule indeed.


Do what you want to do. Be what you aspire to be. 

And that, my friend, is not always easy.

That was enough of my interpretation, what do you think?
Do let me know.

by boringbug

3 thoughts on “What makes people successful?

  1. Let me offer a different perspective. From what i have seen I have come across many different types and personalities of successful people. What I have found is that you need to be at right place with right set of qualities/solutions/attitude!

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    1. I cent percent agree with you. Success varies from person to person, irrespective of their goals.

      For what is success in your eyes might differ for me.

      I ntself wasn’t satisfied with what I had written in the post. Thank you for highlighting the fact. :)

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