Life lessons to reflect on a year in corporate

Last month, I officially completed a year in a market leading company. The experience has been, unexpected to say the least.

Generally I would try to give some sort of a build up, but this post is pretty self explanatory and requires a list more than long form writing filled with grand expressions. So that’s what I will be doing. Here it goes-

  1. Corporates thrive on redundancy-

We have some of the most state of the art software(s) and services and even then, we rely on using excel and attachments on mail to coordinate. While the more tech oriented companies may be using more sophisticated collaborating tools, the scenario is not as great as one would think. The term ‘la la company’ is valid for more multinationals and conglomerates than you would like to think.

  1. Jargons matter; a lot-

To put it simply, any and every means of confusing and confounding you will be used and it is for the best for you to have your vocabulary on par with your peers. All this is done simply because it is a great way to shirk responsibility and stay vague when possible.

  1. It is about image management more than actual management-

While hard numbers do not go away, the perception drives a lot till numbers come out. You wouldn’t expect your super boss to be acutely aware of your performance on the ground. But he will hear things from people around you and him. A mediocre performer can get more things stitched in his favour than a meritorious performer.

  1. Paperwork is more critical than actual work-

As read in jargons, responsibilities are not taken with a lot of pleasure. Moreover, as there are so many stakeholders involved at any step, you need to safeguard yourself in the paper trail when you can. Also, the word of a corporate employee holds no value. That should also be remembered.

  1. You have to fight for your own money-

One would think that salary would be one thing that would be sorted in a multinational. But when the KRA related details are not correctly tagged to you, it can very quickly turn into a soup of your work going down in the drain.

  1. TAT and action ownership is a myth-

Refer points 2, 3 and 4.

  1. Politics are a part and parcel of life-

You would never be able to guess what is being said by who behind your back. It takes a great deal of craft and guile to insulate yourself from such interactions, let alone coming out of them as the victor.

  1. No department is more useful or useless than the member you have to interact with-

I have heard so many HR jokes and snide remarks that it has lost its novelty. All that I have realized is that it is not the department that is ‘useless’ but the work ethic of the person you are in touch with. Painting everyone with the same brush will be useful to get by in the daily grind but it will also make you miss out on truly amazing individuals and contributors.

What have been your observations so far in your work life? Please do tell in the comments.

-by Tripping Baboon


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3 responses to “Life lessons to reflect on a year in corporate”

  1. Wwll, I never enjoyed being in the corporate.

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  2. @tripperbaboon congratulations on completion of a year. You have provided some excellent insight in the life of a corporate.
    I am further surprised at the similarities in our thoughts, considering the fact that I was about to write something on a similar topic.


  3. Nice perspective. Congratulations

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