It is okay to not be okay

There are times when we are faced with a dilemma. A choice in which we have no say of ours. Such is this pandemic and the lockdown that was enforced on us for the greater good. Resultantly causing mass panic and widespread fear. As we proceeded with the first month of living indoors, I observed…

Everything To Know About Choosing A Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

No matter what industry you are operating in, the last thing you want is inefficiency. Unfortunately, too many companies are losing out to their competition because they refuse to take the necessary steps that will help them become more efficient. As a company with assets, you must have the appropriate software to manage, maintain, and…


  And suddenly it all seems cold, The fire within untold. The thoughts that took flight, The eyes locked tight. All I wanted, Someone to hold. But my heart there, fleetingly stilled. My hopes I see Lost unwilling killed. ©freak_sneha  

How to be productive while traveling?

Being productive while travelling is a good way to utilise your travel time. Productivity is not just about doing work all the time, it is also about learning and experiencing new things.

Life lessons to reflect on a year in corporate

Last month, I officially completed a year in a market leading company. The experience has been, unexpected to say the least. Generally I would try to give some sort of a build up, but this post is pretty self explanatory and requires a list more than long form writing filled with grand expressions. So that’s…