Inertia in entertainment: Aren’t we outsourcing it?

Entertainment, or being engaged is essentially the primary substance of existence. You can strip away everything but the need to be engaged does not go away. Continue reading Inertia in entertainment: Aren’t we outsourcing it?


The lazy flower

“Hey, get up!” He didn’t really feel like moving. It was an annoying routine. What was the worth of it? Get up, survive and sleep. Contributing to the world as they call it. “Get up, you weed!” “Yeah, yeah, I am up, you happy?” “You lazy ass, you have one job, just be up!” He stretched his bent stalk and started to move towards the sole purpose of his life, staring at a small ball of fire till it moves in its desired trajectory. “All praise the cause! All hail the cause!” chanted the sunflowers. He mumbled incoherently to avoid … Continue reading The lazy flower