Highlight your contributions when nobody else does

We all have been in a position where despite all our efforts we fail to receive appreciation. Instead of bringing out our contribution to the fore we strive towards extra efforts only to see them fail.

It is no fun to toil away at a place where we are taken for granted. Let alone sit around and wait for people to recognize our contributions. Irrespective of our affiliation, whether a student or a professional, we are all bound to perform a particular task to contribute to our society, business or family. Yet, despite our entire effort we await people’s appreciation and strive for their recognition. Awaiting them to market our work when we ourselves are capable of highlighting them.

But why? Aren’t we capable of recognizing our own contributions, the luminescent and bringing it to the fore? To make people aware of our importance?

Remember, ethics and life are divided by a chunk of reality. There is no angel in disguise waiting to market your work out to the world. You are your own guardian and your own angel.

Find ways to highlight your contributions. Find out ways to motivate yourself. If you are in a meeting, discuss with the participants how their work is progressing while updating them about yourself.

Tell them what you do, what your goals are, and how you have been striving to do better to inspire others. You can tout your personal and professional achievements in a formal-informal face to face meetings.

Although you ought to be humble and generous at times, it doesn’t mean that you negate and ignore your own achievements. Leadership skills require you to put forth your personal achievements along with that of the team. While being generous with praise for your team members, it’s OK to be honest about your own success.

After all- we are as good as we make ourselves out to be. We are our best marketing.

by boringbug

6 responses to “Highlight your contributions when nobody else does”

  1. Yeah… To find the line when you’re not bragging but not ignoring your achievement too.

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    1. Whoa, you just summed up an entire post in one line. :)

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  2. Veey true. Thanks for this.

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