High Time You Do Away With Toxic Relationships

We tend to stick with people and relationships. Dependency. Addiction. The primary causes and concerns of sticking with a turbulent person. Irrespective of our association with wrong people, knowing our innate doubts’ we tend to stay with them. Breeding our inner fears. Day in, day out. Ten to nine, nine to ten. Wasting our precious time and lifeline, in the hope of a miracle. Impromptu praying for an angelic intervention. But why?

In the short span of life that I have lived, I have rarely understood people and their desire to continue with their toxic relationships. Husband living with an abusive wife, wife living with an abusive husband. Girlfriend continuing with an abusive boyfriend, and boyfriend continuing with an abusing girlfriend. Irrespective of the whose who’, blames and mistakes of one leading to the suffering of another, continuing with the relationship makes no sense.


Parents continuing with their togetherness for the sake of their children. Okay, a vested interest brings the two lives together. But in the absence of togetherness or any vested interest, why continue?

Stop spending time with the wrong people. Life is too short to waste time on people who are toxic. The people in your life should support you, help you, and lift you up, with you reciprocating the same. In order to maintain a healthy togetherness and a successful relationship, the togetherness should reciprocate. If not, then yourself are causing uneasiness and denying innate happiness that you and the other person don’t need and need not tolerate.


To succeed in the test of life, you need relationships that will make you feel good about yourself. There is no better partner than yourself.

No, I am not asking you to give up on your relationship because of a single incident. But do weigh in the scenarios, the situation. Considering the sanctity of a relation sacred just by imagining it doesn’t necessarily make it one. The life remains with those who have the guts to give back to life, not with those who give in to the pressure of life. Be the lion you were meant to be, not the mice who is forced into a hole.

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