10 Insanely Toxic Habits We Need to Destroy to Be Successful

Everyone aims to be successful, yet not all want to face hardships and fight their demons off. In fact, a majority of us remain ignorant of our shortcomings, only to fall prey to our mistakes down the line. So how do all of us burn the fat, reduce our faults to the bone, and schedule ourselves onto the step stones towards success?

Herewith, are the 10 toxic habits we are needed to memorize and destroy to step onto the path of success:

  1. Observing the success stories- idols who have already done it.
    Every one of us needs people to learn from. My prima facie concern kicks in when leaders of the industry take the cult status of a god. Despite having a humongous respect for them, we need to recognise the fact that they are not us and are not stepping in our shoes. Nobody is living our journey. Yet, they travel amongst us, remain one of us.

    Learn from their experience to guide and help yourself. Not everyone achieves the same success, the path differs altogether, but what defines it is the journey. 
    Success has indicators and certain patterns, use the pieces that apply to you and dispel the rest.
  2. Knowing when to compare and when not to compare yourself to peers.
    This happens with us a lot, by will or mistake, we compare ourselves to our peers (friends, colleagues, cousins/ relatives etc.). Howsoever we want, there is that small part in us which reacts to the success, happiness or positivity of our peers and wants to hate them for it.

    We get it. We all want to have what we lack. But there is a right time and place for everything. The need of the hour is to let go of comparison. Collect your energy and focus on improving your performance while comparing your present self to your previous self or not at all.

  3. Remaining rationale- staying away from “if only”.
    The idea of a majority is self-pitying and consuming half of our thoughts with “if only.” Things are the way they are. Define what you want to change and go about changing it. Even
    if we can’t leave our job because of want of money, so be it. Regretting and fantasying about improbable things won’t change a thing. Unless your fantasies are for a different purpose altogether…No more regretting, wishing or moralising. Stop watching demoralising television shows. Instead, embrace yourself with positivity. Use your free time to do something creative or something that you love. If bitching about someone or something is your forte, so be it. Do it or just SHUT IT.

  4. Undermining yourself or feeding a low opinion of yourself.
    We all know of someone or the other who’ve been in a single job for years and believe themselves destined to that role forever. We all have the capacity to learn a new skill, that’s inclusive of jumping industries. If you are not happy with your present prospect and profile why not aim for a new skill set. It will be difficult, but what happens if you never try? 
    Shake off the fear of the unknown, dispel your self-limiting belief that hugely successful people are more talented than you. They’re just a bit more obsessed. Become obsessed and make power moves that nobody expects. Remember, there’s no one like you, near you and better than you.

  5. Pointing fingers.
    Remember, nobody is responsible for our good or bad fortune except ourselves. Not our upbringing, not our past, nor our turbulent times. Nobody. So stop pointing fingers at everything, every situation. Deal with it.

  6. Judging others.
    Not everyone is born rich and not all rich people are necessarily entitled. People work their butt off for what they have. Similarly, paupers aren’t necessarily lazy, they just doesn’t know any better, and are stuck. Move over your judgments, and look ahead.

  7. Learning the answers and remaining motivated.
    Whenever we are confronted with a difficult question, the utmost thing we say is “I don’t know.” Forthwith, we go and try to find the answer. In lieu of it, we may not have all the answers, but if we play it smart enough to surround ourselves with motivated people, we will eventually learn the answers.

  8. Aiming for perfection.
    We all have to break eggs on our road to success. Nothing is served on a silver platter. In our strive for greatness, we break our nuts or someone else’s; we can’t lament or become sassy when we miss the mark.

  9. Prioritizing our comfort.
    Throughout our journey, we will be uncomfortable, face off with insecurity, suffer from self-doubt, and might even feel panicked. Yet, don’t let it waver you from your path to success. Rather get accustomed to that feeling and keep moving. Remember, discomfort doesn’t kill us, but succumbing to self-pity definitely does.

  10. Waiting and waiting forever.
    There is no such thing as a perfect time to start a work, business, or move to the next challenge in your career. The day we stop challenging ourselves we succumb to stagnation. If the feeling arises, take the baby step and start right now. Don’t be a SISSY.

by Boringbug

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  1. Very instructive. Thanks for sharing.

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