The lazy flower

“Hey, get up!”

He didn’t really feel like moving. It was an annoying routine. What was the worth of it? Get up, survive and sleep. Contributing to the world as they call it.

“Get up, you weed!”
“Yeah, yeah, I am up, you happy?”
“You lazy ass, you have one job, just be up!”

He stretched his bent stalk and started to move towards the sole purpose of his life, staring at a small ball of fire till it moves in its desired trajectory.

“All praise the cause! All hail the cause!” chanted the sunflowers. He mumbled incoherently to avoid further aggravating the bunch.

As he tried to look beyond the small ball of fire, he was greeted with hisses and pollen to go back to looking at the cause. The fleeting glances of things other than the cause gave him some respite but that was all he had.

There was nothing more to it. He was the lazy one, and the others were the good ones, being the way they were intended to be. He got up annoyingly and went to sleep distraught. There wasn’t much he could do about it really. He had to live there, forever.

Till he realized that not only did he have to be there, they had to be there with him. What could they do about it? Nothing really. So he decided to do what he felt like. It was amazing. He stopped following the cause and hardly stretched his back. He saw the vast scenery from the middle of his peers following their cause and he just didn’t care.

Until one day, he felt his roots leave their grip on the soil as he was taken away. He could hear his brethren cheer but their cheers soon turned to screams as they were rooted out too. The florist didn’t care about their devotion to the cause.

No one did.

  • by tripping baboon

I dream of becoming a good writer someday. Ironically, I will judge my quality based on the sales and nothing else. After all, it’s the bestseller that makes the mark. I also dream of opening a restaurant, becoming attractive and saving the world. I can be reached at-

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