The Aging Tree

With the passage of time, one observes the change in nature. A tree, which once pierced zenith, reaches the brim of extinction upon the arrival of a storm. The magnanimous effects of aging. Brazen, it’s grazed by the memories of its youth. The memories of might, whence it was indomitable. An era of victory over nature….

We Matter

At the end of the day the smile on our face MATTERS! (c)boringbug


There lies a hope in complaint. ©boringbug


I looked at her, mortified and blushing, dug myself deeper into the newspaper. Or that’s what I pretended to only to realise I was holding it upside down. ©boringbug

Fragile Traveler

As I turn off the porch light. I feel like a fragile traveller heart burdened with necessities. Sky searching the chapters of life. That is all, the crudities, the superficiality. Yes and yet, I shall not forget the privileges of the time gone by in the long, stream of eternity. Left cold to die. ©boringbug


His ubiquitous self destroyed within. (c)boringbug