Be The Inspiration You Want To Be

We live in a society that imbibes talent based culture but ignores the importance of motivation. The very ability to inspire someone to perform a task. The ability to empower the pursuit of a career. Something that requires immense strength and dedication. Rather, this is what I believed it to be before I cumulatively interactedContinue reading “Be The Inspiration You Want To Be”

What is the difference between option and choice?

The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision. An option is limited in nature and is generally decided upon. It can be fixed by someone or is circumstantial.

Children, Adults and Miscommunication -by Crucio Girl

Relationships between children and adults can get tensed very often. Wherewith, multiple excuses are usually made by either side. There are times that contrary opinions between them lead to arguments, since nobody has the same belief, judgment and ideas, they differ in their point of views. In my opinion, the forthwith serious differences between aContinue reading “Children, Adults and Miscommunication -by Crucio Girl”