Yours Truly

We all are with a war within. With words or thoughts, With adherence or obligations. And while we are busy, Conflicting and compromising, We forget to be.. “myself”. To the world with humans, Don’t bind to abide, Don’t trespass the space around you, You need to believe, You need to cease, You are your ownContinue reading “Yours Truly”

What is the difference between option and choice?

The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision. An option is limited in nature and is generally decided upon. It can be fixed by someone or is circumstantial.

Cow protection movement in India or protection of human rights?

I have been stunned by the alarming development in India’s political fiasco i.e. the rising vigilantism under the shed of cow protection inter alia the rise of gau rakshaks (“cow protectors”). But do we really need cow protectors? If yes, then what should cow protectors be protecting? If their pseudo-moral responsibility is limited to theContinue reading “Cow protection movement in India or protection of human rights?”