Teeth do not see poverty

Even when circumstances are dire, people still manage to find something to smile about. This is a quote that I have lived by, but its applicability is what I have had seem to misunderstood.

We (humans) are quite unique, precarious but careless, a conundrum of mass. When we have abundant resources at our disposal, we tend to create havoc in the search for more, however, depleted of all we end up with happiness. That is to say “the fear of losing all is directly proportional to having nothing to lose”.

The first time I went broke, my neighbours offered me food without them realising the dire situation I was in. A single grain of rice was enough to bring a smile to my otherwise saddened face. Albeit, similar was the case when I borrowed money from a beggar.

The commonality in the above situation was that despite them not being a part of my situation, they actively helped me in resolving it. It was an act of kindness that resulted in me passing it off to others. When I went broke again (something suggests I need to balance my finances well), there was a burrito left with me for lunch. Having no recourse, I carried it to Trafalgar square and shared it with a homeless person, passionately exchanging our life stories with each other. True definition of globalisation, an Indian and British bonding over a Mexican food in times of a pandemic, oh, the irony.

It is trite, if to say, the strength of a person and iron will is best reflected when he or she is bestowed with the most difficult of times.

In modern times where everyone is busy chasing glory, capitalist encumbrances, amidst the road to riches, we still allude to a sense of happiness. A sense which is right around the corner, awaiting to be peeked at, to be looked at or tapped into.

by borinbug

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