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Teeth do not see poverty

Even when circumstances are dire, people still manage to find something to smile about. This is a quote that I have lived by, but its applicability is what I have had seem to misunderstood. We…

I need a break!

Do you need a break? From what? I need a break,a pause from the magnitude of lifefrom the soreness of soulswandering around,but break from what, you may ask? Breakfrom the smell of nostalgiathat reverberates throughouttingling…


Nose plugs and tattoos – Apatani Tribe

Your trip to Ziro valley is incomplete without meeting the Apatani tribe or the Apatani people. We were fortunate to meet the modern generation of Apatani tribe who lived in…

I Am Locked Down In London

If I am honest, I never really understood why he was excited or why I was excited for that matter. Is it because, the character and I have never been…


Tale of A Ladakhi Sun

Ladakh tells many a tale. “Julley, welcome to Leh”- a cheerful welcome from smiling native faces greeted us, giving us a realization that this place has a multitude of stories…


An Encounter With The Unknown

I kept running. As fast as my legs could take. Breathing heavily, panting, as the shadows swept past by. Something felt wrong, amiss. Something was following me, matching my pace,…


How to be Irresistibly Attractive?

What does it mean by being irresistibly attractive? Is it another millennium version of a critical dating game? Is it another edition of a mascara magazine? Or is it a…

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