Endless Road

Pic credit: @boringbug

Lost in the journey of endless roads
A companion to ease and to be with me
Is all I need
Above the wide sky,
Beneath my breath
I wish and not wish these endless roads to end

Reigning like kings with cuts of swords
Eyes speaking loud million of words
I now wish to be left the way I’m
I wish not to be known to anyone
But all that I wish is not what I intend
I wish to stay in the past where I belong…

My eyes speak a lot, for the ones
Who prefer not to hear
Everything feels weird, everything feels new
I wish to stay in the past where I belong

Life deviates one on an unusual path
Leaves you no trail to chase
Endless roads, a million words
Life is just not what it is
Life is just where you and I belong!

by @freaksneha


You may reach me at: http://aseraphicsoul.wordpress.com

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