Lean on me

Would you lean on me? When I stumble down. Would you lean me? When I break down. I am on an empty road, With lights above me, I am on an empty road, With darkness that follows. I held on every flower, That eventually turned decay, At least to me from the view I triedContinue reading “Lean on me”

The Rotten Hope

Driving through my texts, I noticed some forgotten thoughts. Rotting in pages. Probably left alone in conscience. Letters melting before, crumbling like a gigantic mountain that had seen zenith but couldn’t resist it’s urge for more. The ideas, the creativity, and vision, seemingly trapped within a clobberstone. Waiting to be grated, to fret upon. ButContinue reading “The Rotten Hope”

The Aging Tree

With the passage of time, one observes the change in nature. A tree, which once pierced zenith, reaches the brim of extinction upon┬áthe arrival of a storm. The magnanimous effects of aging. Brazen, it’s grazed by the memories of its youth. The memories of might, whence it was indomitable. An era of victory over nature.Continue reading “The Aging Tree”

Endless Road

Lost in the journey of endless roads A companion to ease and to be with me Is all I need Above the wide sky, Beneath my breath I wish and not wish these endless roads to end Reigning like kings with cuts of swords Eyes speaking loud million of words I now wish to beContinue reading “Endless Road”