MAKEUP — 🦋Seraphic Soul🦋

And as I lay in the dark The monsters keep crawling In my heart In those moments when I have no words to say I bleed with words in dismay. I am no longer audible With my scream that echoes through my brain I am like a rainbow without the rain.But with my makeup, IContinue reading “MAKEUP — 🦋Seraphic Soul🦋”

Echoes of Silence

She has seen the world ending,Every night, every morning.She has felt her heart, weary lessWith all the dreams of broken strings,She sees those eyes,With little less of her presenceThat mislays her peace once againAnd now as it slowly vanishesShe seeks comfort in her solace. Maybe she is deluded.With her thoughts and emotions.Maybe she is embellishingWithContinue reading “Echoes of Silence”

Yours Truly

We all are with a war within. With words or thoughts, With adherence or obligations. And while we are busy, Conflicting and compromising, We forget to be.. “myself”. To the world with humans, Don’t bind to abide, Don’t trespass the space around you, You need to believe, You need to cease, You are your ownContinue reading “Yours Truly”


My thoughts Were so much farer than one can imagine. It had to be pondered upon. But alas, they are locked up! For other commitments to prioritize. Hopefully, someday this adventure Will be traveled, By breaking all the barriers. Especially those that one can’t foresee. My thoughts are clear When I see the mirror ButContinue reading “Debris”